The Qoins Mission

"We believe every person should achieve their financial goals.
That's why our goal is to help eliminate consumer debt."

To do this we want to create the best personal finance platform for underrepresented communities, that helps both educate and provide tools which empower people not only to pay off debt but also achieve long term goals. By doing so, we create more opportunities and a better future.

Written by our founders


CEO, Co-founder

Washington Jr.

CTO, Co-founder

Written by our Founders

Our story started when both of us had hit rock bottom financially too. One of us struggling with serious student loans, the other homeless and in debt -- without a way out.

We knew millions of other people were struggling the same us. Across the financial industry, we found that there were so many apps focused on building wealth, but we saw virtually no solutions in the industry that helped tackle debt and build healthy financial habits.


“Why is the industry so focused on building wealth, and not on helping people get out of debt?”



Credit card interest costs Americans
$1,300 every year on average


The lack of financial literacy cost
Americans $415 billion in 2020.


Around 40% of Americans have
less than $300 in savings.

Looking back on all the mistakes we made with our money, we wanted to make sure others didn’t fall into the same cycle of debt without a strategy to climb out.

So, we built Qoins to give people like us a starting point for building healthier habits with money.





The Team

ceo & co-founder

Christian Zimmerman

cTO & co-founder

Nate Washington Jr.

Head of growth
Andrew Kozlovski
customer success mgr
Armin Zmajevac
Marketing manager
Dino Decespedes
director of operations
Josiah Mihok
compliance consultant
Joyce Mehlman
Customer success rep
Jared Almanza

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Free Financial Tools For You


Qoins Debt Snowball Tracker

If you enjoy putting pen to paper, you’ll love the Qoins Debt Snowball Tracker. This awesome download will hold you accountable and help you track progress on your way to $0 balance!

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Check out Debt Basics

Qoins Savings Goal Tracker

Hitting a savings goals week-in, week-out is a real challenge! Download the Qoins Savings Goal Tracker to keep tabs on your progress, one contribution at a time.

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Qoins Budget Template

A wise man once said ’It's not what you make but how much you spend’. Download our Budget Template to better understand what you’re making, where you’re spending, and how much is left over.

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Payroll & Tax Calculator

There’s a reason they call it ‘take-home pay’. Get a handle on every deduction coming out of your paycheck so you can budget accordingly. Our calculator helps you do just that!

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