September 15, 2021

7 Best Paying Side Hustles in 2021

There is no shortage of side hustles that can generate an extra income of $1,000 a month to put towards your debt-free or savings goals. Here are 7 of our favorites that you can start today!

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There’s no shortage in opportunities to increase your earning power to make greater contributions towards your debt in both the short term and the long term. Phenomenal job performance is surely a great long term path but we wanted to highlight the types of side hustles you can start TODAY to simply get you out of debt faster. You might also want to explore debt consolidation if you haven't already. Regardless of the direction you choose, it’s absolutely possible to earn an extra $1,000 a month. These are also tremendous options to build an emergency savings, a downpayment on a car or house, or even get a jump start on paying off student loans while still in college. In short, when it comes down to your personal finances a side hustle is a great way to add some extra fuel to the fire and achieve your goals in less time.

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1. Tutor Online

If you’ve got a good understanding of a particular subject and good communication skills, look into online tutoring with Outschool,, TutorMe or Studypool. And the pay isn’t too shabby, either! TutorMe says you can earn at least $16 an hour while the average Outschool teacher makes $35 an hour.

2. Pet Sitting

Pet sit while the fur parents are away or grab a couple of clients to dog walk for during the week. You can advertise your own pet-sitting business on social media, put up signs in your neighborhood, post at work, or use a website like Rover and make up to $1,000 per month cuddling puppies!

3. Creative Talents

If you have creative skills, people need you. But maybe you don’t know where to start finding work. Try Fiverr, Upwork or 99designs. These sites connect freelancers specializing in writing, editing, graphic design and voice-over work to clients who need those creative minds. The average hourly pay of a freelancer on Upwork is $18 per hour.

4. Rent a spare room on Airbnb

If you have an extra bedroom or someone you can crash with on short notice, consider renting on Airbnb. For example, let’s say you decide to rent out your guest room and bathroom to two guests. If you’re in the Nashville area, you could earn around $1,000 a month. That’s an excellent side income.

5. Teach English

Don’t let the word teach scare you off here. Keep reading. When you work with a company like VIPKid (a big favorite of fans in THE Ramsey Baby Steps Community on Facebook), they handle all the lesson plans and grading for you. You just need a desire to help others learn and the time to lead a class online. Again, it’s a great way to get paid helping others!

6. Transcriptionist

If you’re good at typing and listening, plus you have good attention to detail, then this could be the job for you. A transcriptionist professionally types from recorded or live audio files. They’re super important in the medical and legal industries, but other areas of the corporate world need them as well. You have to be trained and certified, but you can make around $20 to $45 an hour depending on your skill level and speed. Once you’ve got your certification, you can nab some jobs on Rev.

7. On demand tasks

If you’re good at quick fix-it jobs or running errands, TaskRabbit or Handy might be your best bet. You can do all kinds of things from hanging shelves to putting together furniture. If you’re a certified plumber or electrician looking for extra jobs, Handy offers those too! The average pay for a TaskRabbit task in the U.S. is $36 an hour, but upwards of $60 or more is available, depending on the type of work and where you're located.

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