October 6, 2021

Everything You Need To Know About Qoins Roundups

Every time you swipe your card, you can have your purchase rounded up to the nearest dollar and have the difference sent towards either your debt-free or savings goal. Sounds powerful huh? See how much you can save per month with this one feature alone.

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Qoins Staff


Roundups, the automation tool that launched Qoins. Before we go any further into how much you could be saving per month by rounding up your daily purchases let’s first define what a round-up is and how it works. 

What are roundups?

Anytime you swipe your card our roundup feature will round up your purchase to an even dollar amount and send that difference towards one of your financial goals. For example, if your transaction is $3.71 then your roundup will be $0.29. That's 29 extra cents going towards your debt, which doesn't seem like a lot but it definitely adds up!

How much can I save with roundups?

Qoins customers are saving on average $58 per month with roundups alone. $58 may not seem like a lot, but an extra $50 dollars sent towards a credit card with a $6k revolving balance will decrease the term of the debt from 21 years to just 3 years. That’s serious speed! So in the game of debt, every single dollar counts, and roundups are an easy and certain way to pay down your debt with every swipe.

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In terms of savings, studies are showing that a majority of American’s have less than $1,000 saved up for an emergency. Some might call this an emergency fund. We all need one, but sometimes it’s hard to budget for. But with roundups, you can have a fully-funded emergency saving fund in just 17 months… without ever thinking about it! 

As you can see, small change really adds up, and rounding up your daily purchases may not seem like a lot initially, but keeping the feature on for over a year can create some incredible accomplishments for your journey to financial freedom. We've also got great options if you find yourself in a situation where you need to consolidate debt.

Ready to start rounding up your purchases? Download the Qoins app from the Google Play or Apple app store today, and subscribe to the Qoins bundle. With the Qoins bundle, you will be able to set up both a savings and debt goals. From student loans to car loans, to credit card debt we can send it anywhere to help you reach your financial goals today!

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