October 6, 2021

How to Create a Goal in the Qoins App

How-to guide to creating your first savings goal or paying off debt goal in the Qoins app.

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Qoins Staff


You have money goals, and we help you achieve them. Here’s how you get started. First, you need to choose whether you want to set up a savings goal or a paying off debt goal. 

Savings Goal

If you choose a savings goal, we’ll have you name the goal so that you always remember what you’re saving for. Then choose the amount you’ll want to save. Example: Wedding Fund, $15,000 or Emergency Fund, $1,000. After you’ve named your goal, and set your target you will only have one last step, choosing a transfer method which is essentially picking your automation tool: When I Get Paid, Roundups, Smart Savings, or Weekly Withdrawl. 

Pay Off Debt Goal

If you choose a pay-off debt goal the sequence will be identical to setting up a savings goal outside of the one extra step of linking the loan or credit card inside of the app. Once that’s established we will be able to send payments towards your debt with the contributions made from the automation tool that you choose to be applied to the debt. We've also got great options if you find yourself in a situation where you need to consolidate debt.

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If you have multiple types of debt like a mortgage, car loan, student loans, or credit cards then you can add up to 5 destinations with the Qoins bundle, as well as a savings goal! A bundle is truly a tool made for a full view of your entire financial health, and accessibility to build a savings and pay off any type of debt at the same time… without ever thinking about it. 

Ready to get your finances back on track? Download the Qoins app from the Google Play or Apple app store, and subscribe to the Qoins bundle. With the Qoins bundle, you will be able to set up both a savings and a debt-free goal. From student loans to car loans, to credit card debt we can send it anywhere to help you reach your financial goals today. Refinancing your student loans is also a route to consider if your money situation needs more immediate help.

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