September 15, 2021

How to Have a Debt-Free Summer

Summer, a season for fun, travel, and of course the beach. Debt should not be one of those summertime factors, here's how to plan for summertime expenses.

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Summer is basically here and it’s time to let loose and enjoy the warm weather. You want to enjoy every summer though, so there’s no need to blow all of your money now and be stuck in debt for the next 12 months.

Staying on a budget and saving money doesn’t mean you can’t have fun. Constraint breeds creativity so setting a budget can find you new ways to enjoy your summer and switch things up!

Here are a few ways to avoid going to debt this summer and still make the best of it:

Summer Budget

Start saving now so you’re not living paycheck to paycheck while your friends are out and about having fun. Save like normal, but also put together specific savings stashes for vacations or activities you want to do this summer.

Create separate accounts or even set cash aside in labeled envelopes to save for a trip you want to take!

Keep in mind all expenses for activities. Don’t just save enough for the ticket of that music festival you want to go to. Consider transportation costs, food and drink, souvenirs, and a place to stay if it’s out of town.


Free Activities

Memories are free and last forever. Find fun local activities to go do with friends that are low-cost or even free. There’s plenty out there if you’re willing to look.

  • Have a lake day
  • Picnic in the park
  • Visit a neighborhood swimming pool
  • Go for a hike (don’t forget to bring water)
  • Host a game night
  • Do a photoshoot
  • Watch the sunrise or sunset
  • Visit a museum

As long as you have a positive attitude and someone to share the good times with, your summer will be one for the books!

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Autopilot Finances

Time flies when you’re having fun, don’t let that make you miss a payment or forget to save. You can set up your recurring payments on auto-pay to make sure you never miss a payment.

You can also set up automatic transfers or direct deposit to have money go straight into your savings account so you aren’t tempted to spend it. Debt consolidation or student loan refinancing are also good out-of-the-box solutions that can change your money situation for the better.

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