September 6, 2021

How to Save for a Wedding

Saving for a wedding? Here are some tips you can implement today to make sure your special day doesn't come alongside a massive amount of high-interest debt.

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Hey there folks! Qoins here, with another blog post, but this time we’re changing it up to a more interesting topic which is, how to save for a wedding! We know it can be stressful and pretty pricey plus we currently have a few people at Qoins planning for their wedding, and we want to help you save some money while you’re at it! Here are some good tips to save on the big day!

1. Live on one paycheck and save the other:

There is a growing trend in couples living together before getting married. If that is your situation, then perhaps the fastest and easiest way to save for your wedding is to bank one paycheck. If you’re already a two-income household, you can live on one paycheck and then save everything from the other until you reach your goal of paying for your wedding.

If you’re not living together then maybe one partner can move back in with family, and save as much of his or her paycheck as possible before the wedding. That isn’t a perfect situation, but it’s a whole lot better than paying for the wedding with credit cards and spending years paying them back afterward (or just downloading Qoins.)

2. Sell everything you can.

If banking a full paycheck is impossible, then you may be able to save part of it and supplement your savings from other sources. One of the best ways is by selling anything that you have that you no longer need (Craigslist is one way to sell items quickly).

This can be even more practical when you consider that you will be combining households with your new spouse and much of what each of you has individually will longer be needed. Exercise equipment, a sound system and even a widescreen TV may no longer be needed once you are married. They can be sold to raise hundreds — and maybe thousands — of dollars that can be used for your wedding.

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3. Get additional part-time jobs (if you can)

You could also consider each of you getting an extra part-time job. It’s better you both do it, rather than putting the burden entirely on one. That will reduce the number of hours each of you need to work in order to reach your wedding savings goal.

If each of you takes a part-time job working roughly 50 hours per month at $8 per hour, that will represent an income of $400 per month for each of you. Even if $200 goes to taxes, that will be $600 per month, and in one year’s time that will be well over $7,000.

4. Cut down on the size and cost of your wedding

If you are planning on a high-end wedding, not expecting to get much help from family, and also pretty sure that you will be unable to save enough money between now and then, you still have one other option. Cut down on the size and cost of your wedding.

5. Qoins Friends & Family Feature

Use Qoins’ MoneyTree feature to have relatives help chip in their spare change towards wedding savings! you can set the “lender” for round-ups to be the separate account you created for contributing to your wedding savings!

Lastly, have fun with it! After all, it is your big day, and you deserve to love every moment of it :) We hope you are enjoying our content! Be sure to follow us on Instagram @qoinsapp and like & share!

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