September 6, 2021

Money and Values

What means the most to you and why? Those are the very same things that should be reflected in your budget!

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Qoins Staff


You have probably heard the expression: put your money where your mouth is.  But what about the expression, put your money where your values are?  Perhaps not as much.  Here are some related questions:

  • Do the things you spend your money on reflect what is important to you?
  • If I were to look at your credit or debit card statement or the app or program you track your actual spending on, what would I see?
  • What if I looked at your budget? Would I be able to tell what is important to you and what you value? If not, it may be that what you are actually spending your money on, is not what is actually important to you.

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You need to determine what your, and if applicable, your spouse or partner’s, actual values are.  What is important to you and why?  Once you figure out your values then that will make determining your financial goals that much easier.  And you will have goals that you really want to achieve.  Finally, you match up your actions to meet those goals.

Values => Goals => Actions

If each transaction you make is for the specific purpose of achieving a goal that was born out of a value, you will be motivated and easily achieve your goals.

For example, if you were to tell me that you value home improvement in order to build equity in your home, I may expect to see expenses for places that can help you do that.  If you were to tell me that you value paying off debt, I may expect to see where you are making extra payments to really pay down the total owed.  But if you only told me those were your values, but then all that I looked at did not back that up, I would ask if those are truly your values.

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