September 6, 2021

Plan Your Spending Like a Date!

With planning in place, you can make sure that 80% of "unexpected" costs are accounted for in advance and adjusted for properly.

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My wife and I have been “dating” for just over five years. Every month we plan at least one date night, because we deserve it. If you think about your own life and personal pleasures, money is attached to almost all factors to some degree. Let’s face it, spending is easy, and saving is not. But we plan for almost every chapter in our lives, so why not plan to spend?

Spending is easy, saving is not

Here’s an easy-to-adopt method for spending: Plan to spend by making your list and setting a date. I’ve introduced this in the last two years and it has dramatically curved household spending. Throughout the week, as items we need come to mind, I’ll pull my phone out, hop on Shipt or Amazon, and add it to my cart. The process doesn’t stop there though. I’ve already pre-set a date each month in my calendar (typically in the middle of the month) where I’ll be reminded to make the purchases that are still in my cart.

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Step 1. Add to your cart

Step 2. Step away from your cart

Step 3. Review your cart throughout the week

Step 4. Purchase!

I tend to skip over step three because I’ve noticed that it’s human nature to regularly go check my carts when I have downtime. This isn’t a bad thing! Sometimes you remember something you hadn’t thought of before. Other times I’ll scroll the list and realize I don’t really need that one item (ex. pair of tennis shoes) as much as I thought I did. This just turned an impulse-buy into an impulse-save!

And now when my calendar reminder goes off mid-week reminding us it’s time to restock and restore, it feels like more of a simple errand than an off-the-cuff run to the store. This method can save you an average of 17% on yearly spending on all consumer goods! Imagine getting that much back in your pocket each year, but on a monthly basis.

Get 17% of your income back

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