September 6, 2021

These Are The Freelancers You Need To Succeed

Looking for work? Here are some jobs in hot demand in today's ever-changing job market.

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Do you run a small business but lack the cash to hire full-time help? Then it’s time to consider freelance talent. Freelancers bring with them expertise, flexibility, and a desire to devote their talents to their area of interest. Plus, you don’t have to pay benefits, and you can bring them into as many or as few projects as you want.

Here are some of the best freelancers to have in your corner, along with a quick bit of advice on paying for assistance when your finances are uncertain.

Considerations for COVID-19

One of the biggest benefits of hiring freelance help during the pandemic is that it’s mostly done remotely. This means you can find talent without potentially exposing yourself or them to the virus. Unfortunately, COVID has taken a toll on many of our bottom lines, but there are resources, including grants for business owners, to help you cover the cost. If you’re still trying to justify the expense, keep in mind that hiring a contract worker can free up time, which is undoubtedly your most valuable asset.

Freelancers That Make A Difference

You’re likely already familiar with some contract workers. Virtual assistants, bookkeepers, and graphic artists are common. And while these are certainly valuable additions to your remote team, there are plenty of others you may not have considered. These include:

  • Link builder. A link builder is someone who works in search engine optimization. This is an individual who doesn’t mind reaching out to page owners to get a link from their site to yours. Why is this important? Because Google looks at the number of in and outbound links to your website when assigning a rank during search queries.
  • Photographer. A freelance photographer is a huge benefit to your business, particularly if you deal with visual media. They can capture images of your work, whether it’s products, services, or a combination of each, so that your potential customers get an accurate representation of your capabilities.

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  • Database management. If your small business deals with lots of information, a database manager can help to capture, organize, and utilize this to your advantage. According to Monster, they can also help keep your databases safe and secure.
  • Software development. A software developer can help you create proprietary programs to help your business grow. ZipRecruiter notes that this position, which commands a nationwide average salary of more than $113,000, is in demand. You can expect to pay around $55 per hour for a freelance developer.
  • Ebook writing. One of the greatest yet most underutilized marketing tools is the ebook. This is essentially a PDF document that showcases your expertise in an area. Ebooks are the perfect piece of intellectual property to exchange with potential customers for access to their email and contact information. But if you do not have writing talent or the time to draft a well-thought-out narrative, recruiting an ebook ghostwriter is an excellent option. If you find the right writer, you may even be able to utilize their talents for things like white papers and web copy.
  • Social media management. A social media manager does exactly what the name implies, which is managing social media accounts. They will work closely with you and your entire marketing team to spread your message across all relevant social platforms. This is one of the most affordable freelancers, and someone just getting started in their career may charge as little as $250 per month for this valuable service.

There are dozens of other freelancers that can help boost your business. The above are a few you may not have considered, but you should. Whether you need help managing your data or getting your point across, contracting with self-employed individuals is a great way to get the talent you need at the price you can afford and on the schedule of your choosing.

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