September 6, 2021

Top Paying Side Hustles in 2021

What are the top-paying side hustles in 2021, and which ones are the best one's for you to take on today

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There’s a quantum leap in income, especially for top earners in the US. But does the increase in income help earners? The answer is in the negative. The reason is that along with the increase in incomes, expenses have doubled or even quadrupled. This may be due to inflation, stagflation, or erosion of the value of the currency. It is in this context more and more people are looking for side hustles that can get extra income to them. You may also be on the lookout for top-paying side hustles in 2021. Let us now look at some such side hustles.


1. Tutoring Online

Several people have started tutoring online since the onset of the pandemic. The reason is it is convenient for them, and it’s all done in your free time, from home. It is one of the top-paying side hustles in 2021 also. Online tutors need not commute. Nor do they have to leave their regular jobs. Further, tutoring online is easy as well. But you must have the appropriate level of knowledge in the topic you choose to teach. By tutoring online, you can earn up to $100 per hour. Some great places to start are Outschool, Tutor, TutorMe, and StudyPool. Outschool teachers for example make an average of $35 per hour, that’s some serious dough for a side hustle! 


2. Personal Training

If you have acquired knowledge in nutrition and fitness, you can become a personal trainer for fitness enthusiasts. You can train people in person. Giving online training is another option. Remember that the hourly rate for personal training is about $70 per hour.


3. Managing the digital operations of companies of small and medium-size

Some companies may think that having a dedicated employee specifically for handling their digital operations is not feasible. Especially, those entities of small and medium-size may have this notion. You can offer your services to these companies provided you have the expertise. Similarly, you can offer services related to managing their social media as well. The prevailing hourly rate for this side hustle is approximately $58 or even more depending on your experience and skill level.


4. Graphic Designing services as a freelancer

If you are adept at graphic designing, you can offer your services as a freelancer. There are several companies that require these services. So, you can get continuous work. You can charge an hourly rate of $29 for these services.


5. Event Planning

If you think that you are good at organizing events, you can choose the side hustle of planning events. Remember that this service requires meticulous planning. Further, the tasks involved may be deadline-oriented. You must consider these aspects before choosing this side hustle. But if you prove your mettle, you can earn an hourly rate of $75. Even if you are a beginner in this field, you can command an hourly rate of $12. This means it is one of the top-paying side hustles in 2021.


6. Taking the side hustle of driving for companies such as Uber

Driving for companies like Uber is one of the side hustles that pay well. For taking up this job, you must have a car and driver's license. Your car must be in good condition. You must own a smartphone with uninterrupted Internet connectivity. You can get an hourly rate of $19.43 for this job, and the workflow is unlimited with very flexible hours.


7. Freelancing on platforms such as Upwork

Platforms such as Upwork, Freelancer, etc. help businesses and individuals who require various types of professional services. The jobs offered on these platforms include programming, graphic designing, and website development. If you have the skills, you can take up these jobs as a freelancer. The approximate hourly rate that is prevalent now is $17.96. Some other platforms to note are Fiverr and 99 designs. But the average hourly pay of a freelancer on Upwork for example is $18 per hour, which paves a great way to work on projects you love while building a solid stream of income. 


8. Photography

If you have a passion for photography and have the skills, you can take up jobs part-time. The prevalent hourly rate is $17.44. Of course, you should own a good camera. You must have knowledge of handling photo-editing software as well. And if you have the skills and time to be a wedding photographer, those types of gigs have much better hourly rates. 


9. Walking Dogs & Pet Sitting

You may wonder how this can be a side hustle. There are people who are busy or who are sick or maybe a couple that is out of town often. These people cannot walk their dogs regularly. So, they may require these services. This part-time hustle can get you an hourly rate of $16. A great platform for pet sitting is Rover, and you can make up to $1,000 per month, just by cuddling puppies! 


10. Car Washing

There are entrepreneurs and people who hold high posts. They may be too busy to wash their cars or do auto detailing. If you are adept at providing these services, you can take up these part-time jobs. This side hustle is easy to get. So, you can quickly start earning extra income by offering these services. The approximate hourly rate for these jobs ranges between $8.75 and $20.21.

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11. Baking

If you have a passion for baking, you can take up this job as a side hustle. You can begin on a small scale. Once you gain confidence, you can look for more customers. The average hourly rate you can earn as a part-time baker is $13.02.


12. Blogging

That businesses are facing stiff competition in their respective fields is a known fact. That is why they want to have a good ranking on search engines. One of the best ways to improve search engine rankings is blogging. If you are good at blogging, you can offer your services. If you produce the desired results for businesses, you will get regular part-time jobs as a blogger. The average hourly rate offered to a part-time blogger is $22 on platforms like Narrato.


13. Transcriptionist

If you’re good at typing and listening, plus you have great attention to detail, then a side job as a transcriptionist may be perfect for you! They’re very in demand in the medical, corporate, and legal industries so the demand for great ones is there. You can expect to make around $20 to $45 per hour depending on your skill level and speed of work. A great platform to get started here is Rev. 


14. On-Demand Tasks

If you’re good at quick fix-it jobs or running errands, then TaskRabbit or Handy may be the perfect platforms for you to generate a great side income. You can work on all types of tasks like putting together furniture or hanging shelves. The average pay for a TaskRabbit task in the U.S.  is $36 an hour, with some hourly rates above $60 depending on the type of work and the location. 



There are several other top-paying side hustles in 2021. You can try selling products like e-Books, wedding cards, dolls, toys, clothes, etc. on e-commerce platforms. Similarly, creating video content and posting them on Youtube can get you regular side income. Yet another good side hustle is affiliate marketing. 


You should have patience and perseverance. You may not start earning immediately. But if you put forth consistent efforts, you can reap rich benefits.

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